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Assurance of supply requires rigorous planning, realistic scheduling, reliable expediting, a network and collaborative relationships with high-quality suppliers and an understanding of the sourcing market.

At VANDREZZER, our global experience and a long-term relationship with our suppliers and vendors forms the pillars for our procurement strategy. Our in-depth understanding of the international market which is further strengthened with our collaborative relationship with our key suppliers allows us to provide the best materials and services on time and within budget.

Our strong networks of key suppliers and vendors, who have their procurement offices around the world, has afforded us the latitude to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase and deliver materials and services to any project site. Our procurement team are familiar with the markets, custom clearance, and environmental regulations, permitting requirements and laws of the communities where we operate.

Our expertise spans the entire supply value chain, from sourcing, purchasing, transportation logistics, Warehousing & Storage, inspection and quality assurance as every delivery must comply with our quality and safety requirements.