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VANDREZZER Energy Services Limited is committed to achieving the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standard throughout its Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation services by providing safe and healthy working conditions and operating in a manner that prevents injury or illness to our employees, clients, and other interested parties, giving due regard to conservation of the environment. We are also committed to continual improvement of our health, safety & environmental management systems to enhance HSE performance with the aim of eliminating hazards and reducing all HSE risks to as low as reasonably practicable.


VANDREZZER intends to fulfil these by being guided and committed to the following strategies:

  • Considering Health, Safety and Environmental issues as a priority in all company activities.
  • Complying with all relevant National & International Legislations and Standards and client’s requirements.
  • Safeguarding the health & safety of our employees and of those who may be affected by our operation through proactive identification of health and safety risk and implementation of suitable control measures.
  • Set HSE objectives and targets and achieve superior performance (i.e., pollution prevention, hazard elimination, no accidents, or incidents) through the utilization of continuous improvement process.
  • Keeping our employees, contractors and stakeholders appropriately informed of known and potential hazards that might affect them or the public at large.
  • Provide necessary training and education to enable our employees to understand and perform their roles and responsibilities associated with their job functions.
  • Ensuring a conducive working environment where incidents and accidents shall be reduced to the barest minimum by identifying company’s environmental aspects, minimizing adverse environmental impacts, implementing suitable environmental protection/mitigation measures that are relevant to its context, and preventing environmental pollutions in all her operations.
  • Consulting with workers and ensuring their participation in all matters relating to their health and safety.
  • Ensuring that employees get adequate skills and support to achieve high standards of HSE.
  • Ensuring that all contractors working under our control apply HSE standards that are totally consistent with our own standard.


In other to attain these goals, our Top management assures the implementation of the HSE Management system within all her worksites through provision of adequate and competent manpower, safe workplace and equipment, safe work procedures, effective communication, monitoring, training and HSE auditing. Every employee has the responsibility to support these aims.


The Management of VANDREZZER Energy Services Limited is strongly committed to this Policy and the responsibility thereof. It is made available in the company premises and work areas, and to interested parties and the public via our website. Management will review this policy annually, in consultation with workers, to assess the effectiveness of the policy.